Sunday 13 December 2009

Why do we do it?

A new venture went life this week : How did this start, I think to myself, as the year winds down, and I start to reflect.

I often get asked how IS got started. Well, for one thing, I couldn't find a job. I went for so many interviews: Anderson Consulting (as it was called then), the banks, IBM, you name it ... in each interview I asked all the questions though - perhaps I was too enthusiastic, too energized, too excited. Whatever the reason, they didn't hire me. No one gave me a chance. I had no choice - I had to do something. And IS was born.

And as to why I was at WITS university for so long (9 years), well, I didn't fancy military service, so I stayed a student, until the army conscription thing eventually came to an end. Getting those official envelopes twice a year, with call up papers, never really inspired me, to say the least. Couldn't quite see myself as part of the 1st infantry brigade in Phalaborwa for two years. Yes, I stayed a student, couldn't get a job, and IS was started. Really was a strange set of forces that made it all happen, that, coupled with an entrepreneurial drive. I was earning money from age 17, doing all kinds of things.

In the past few years I have re-visited my love affair with technology and many new ventures were championed. I met these great guys at Wantitall, and between their energized team, and the brilliant guys from our side on Vottle, Randgo, etc., another vision/venture was put in motion, with LifeFundi.

I am hyper-active, driven person, and I never sit still. No one is hiring me, and I need to do something, and I met these great "Fundi" guys, and we shared a common vision, and we saw a way to make some magic in the world, and we are taking a risk and going for it - viva LifeFundi!

Next year is going to be a blur once again, and there is the new movie project which we began casting this December already. The casting journey will continue until around April, and the shoot is planned for September/October. Making a movie is risky and indulgent - we could be out there working the land to help grow food to feed the starving but if every person had food to eat and nothing to feed their soul then what is the point. Yes, we need to make food to sustain life, but we need magic to make life worth living.

LifeFundi, like Wantitall, Vottle, Randgo, and the rest, are all about making magic. That is what we stay alive for!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Unknown said...

Is LifeFundi only for Alexander Forbes and IS employees? Can you tell us what LifeFundi is all about?