Thursday 17 December 2009

Make VS take

Most people try and make a living, and of course, save some money. Yes, I believe that most people try and make money by working hard. But taking money, well, that is a different thing.

There are many ways to "make" money. When you work hard you may earn something, and that is a honest, and often, a labour of love. When someone rewards you for a job well done then that is fulfilling. But when you make a wod of cash by managing someone's financial affairs then you taking a rake off the top - even when they lose, you still take the rake. What have you earned then?

Looks like we have learnt very little from the global financial shakeup - the takers are more active than ever.

I will bet that mother nature is going to step in very very soon! Yes, we can’t cheat nature forever.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker