Tuesday 1 December 2009

Bring on 2010 !!!

Another year disappears so fast! Wow, what a pace once again!

On the Vottle side this past month we have taken a colourful step forward! We have commissioned the services of some very smart young guys (who are ex-Google employees, or Xooglers as they call themselves!) to help us refresh the website in terms of look and feel, usability and relevance on the Internet. As you can imagine this is no small task and the 'project' is likely to take a few months to bear any tangible fruit. But the ball is rolling and the prospects are exciting!

As Vottle’s data continues to grow, we have improved archiving of historical data to ensure our systems run at optimal speed – our results here have been positive so far.

We are also investigating some new fraud prevention technologies to prevent scammers from using false or stolen credit card numbers – hopefully this can take us another step forward in keeping Vottle clean and safe!

On some other news – check out
www.brandspank.co.za – these guys are hot – they help us with our design work on Randgo.com and Wantitall.co.za, and more.

We got our import license in Brazil two weeks ago – we are very excited about 2010 in Brazil –
www.compreus.com.br is just oozing with potential!

And lastly, our LifeFundi.com portal goes live this coming Friday – we will begin our first corporate pilot then.

Bring it on!!!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker