Wednesday 10 October 2007

Vottle Empowers its users by Aggregating Data

by Ronnie Apteker

Vottle hit the 30,000 mark this past week. And the number of daily postings are on the rise. In fact, at the start of the week we had over 200 postings made in a single day. If things continue in this direction we could be looking at over 5000 new postings a month. And this does not include our aggregation, which is the subject of today’s discussion.

5000 new postings a month is a lot of user generated content. But, it is the aggregation that is really giving Vottle an edge at this point in time. We have feeds from leading vehicle, property and recruitment firms, and it represents a fantastic win/win scenario for everyone involved, especially for our users. Take the motor vehicles category, for example, Vottle provides a convenient one-stop-shop when it comes to looking for a bargain on a used car.

We don’t charge our partners for the publishing their data on Vottle. And we don’t own their potential leads or customers either. If a user is interesting in a vehicle, say, that has been fed to Vottle via one of our partners, then, if the user pursues this opportunity we simply put that user in touch with the partner company.

Our mission here is aggregate content, in an effort to empower the bargain hunter at large. Our aim is not to own the customer or the data or the potential revenue that could be derived from a sale. Our strategy is to provide our users with a compelling platform to hunt for good deals. If we do this well we will attract more and more users, and ultimately, more and more content by way of more adverts.