Monday 1 October 2007

Software that will get you laid

by Ronnie Apteker

Our Vottle team reads as much news on the Net as we can. About a month ago one of the Vottlers sent out an article which spoke about which platforms were the ones to bet on. In short, it spoke about developing software that gets you laid. The gist was, from my understanding, is that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace get people laid, and this is what the world wants.

The conclusion, again, from what I gathered, was that web sites that get you networked, or laid, as the author put it, are a good bet. Well, I think this deserved some commentary. And the comment from my side is, this seems logical and sensible. People are always trying to meet other people. And yes, getting some is always a primary motivation. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in online dating sites, social networking initiatives, etc.

We are quite excited about the potential on the Vottle side with this in mind. And, when I say potential, I don’t mean to get laid, but I mean to network people. Vottle is not a social networking site, it is a trading portal, and the end result is all about connecting people. And, who knows, perhaps you could buy a bottle of wine on Vottle, or some theatre tickets, or something romantic, that will in fact help you to get laid.

Getting laid generally requires some driving. A car would be a necessity. So, if it cars you are looking for the Vottle is the place, er, space to be. Also, one should have a house to go to if getting laid is on the cards. And, of course, having a job helps. Yes, you guessed it. Check out the property and jobs categories on Vottle.

In short, if software that will get you laid is the next big thing then Vottle is definitely worth checking out.