Sunday 7 October 2007

Team Buying

by Ronnie Apteker

It has often been said that life is a numbers game. Well, there is certainly power in numbers. And speaking of numbers, the traffic on Vottle continues to grow at a very compelling rate. All of this adds up to one thing: community. We each new posting, and with each new person starting to use Vottle so does the community grow. And with that, the potential for team buying becomes more of a reality.

One of the aims of a classifieds is to expose the public to potential bargains. Well, imagine you wanted to buy a new car, or a big screen TV, or something else that costs a fair amount. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find, say, another dozen people out there wanting to purchase the same thing. If you went to buy over 10 big TV sets you would be in a good position to negotiate a discount. That is what has been going on in China for a long time now. It is a cultural phenomenon known as team buying. A group of people all meet at a designated place at a specific time and demand a discount for bulk buying. Enter Vottle.

We are very excited about the potential here with Vottle. If we continue to grow the Vottle community then the potential to bring people together with similar interests represents a fantastic opportunity for team buying. We could put up a “notice board” where people list things they want to buy. We could then ask like-minded people to sign up and once a certain threshold is met we could put everyone in touch with other and then the team buying could begin.

We are hoping that sometime in the new year we will reach the critical mass needed to make this kind of service a reality. Watch this space.