Wednesday 3 April 2013

Practice makes perfect

I have been learning more and more magic. Yes, abracadabra and sleight of foot stuff (and also, sleight of hand things too). I love what I am learning. Greg too. and Michael. Marcel has been a brilliant and inspired teacher. Sorry, this is all over the place. Like the magic studies. Learning is one thing, but practicing is a whole other journey. And this is the truth about life. Practice, practice, practice. That is only way to get anywhere.

Practicing in front of the mirror is a common exercise for all those learning magic. I am not trying to be a magician, but I love the wisdom, flair and storytelling behind it all. Magic, as was told me to me, is story telling with props. This is what captured my imagination from the start. I really am fascinated about where the conjurer takes his/her audience, not through illusion, but through words. The presentation, the routine, the shtick - that is the key to it all.

And with each attempt at a magical act, one hones in on their story. Mirrors unfortunately don't react. Or give real clues. They help you to visualize a technique, a method, a sleight. But they don't laugh or question. They don’t let you know if you have let the curtain down, and given away the secret. The more random people I practice on, the more I learn about which stories are working, and where to hide the sleights.

Practice does indeed make perfect, and the mirror helps. But people react to stories. Good, compelling, unusual tales, and mirrors can't help us there.

People and magic. That is what it is all about.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker