Wednesday 27 March 2013

33 and a third

I still have a record collection. LPs and seven singles. I even have a working record player. I can't say I ever use it, but I love that I have it. It reminds me of a special time in the world. Getting a new record, when I was a youngster, was a big deal. It was like making a magical investment.

In this easy come easy go world of throw-away digital distractions, music is copied and digested at warp speed, and there is little appreciation for the medium. We still all love listening to music, sure, but we don't have the same respect for the recordings. Putting on a record, and carefully lowering the needle, was a soulful process. It was something special. You actually spent time, and relaxed, and listened to the music. Now we listen on our cellphones, and, well, it is not the same thing. Not in my view anyway.

Record collections were things to be admired, to be cared for, to be cherish. Record covers were like works of art. And then, in all of that wonder were the Springbok LPs. The "top 20" in cover versions. Always with a bokkie in a bikini on a motorbike or something cheesy like. And let's not forget the Pop Shop albums, which were original songs ... those were the days.

The records led to the "mixed tapes" and the mixed tapes led to all kinds of things.

I wish one day again for 33 and a third. That was a good speed. The world is running way too fast.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker