Sunday 24 February 2013


This week we launched our stunning game "Cyto" on the App Store - download it to your iPhone or iPad. Watch this demo here : - this is stunning !!!

Cyto is a new puzzle game with speculator graphics, unique game play and brilliant music. You need to help the main character collect lost memories and discover mysterious truth about his past. You will love it.

Our mobiles games studio in Eastern Europe called Room 8, together with leading game publisher Chillingo, are very excited about this new game. Cyto is an incredibly cute and lovable hero protected by a bubble-like envelope that can stretch and stick to larger objects. He has lost all of his memories and looks for them in a fun and mysterious world full of increasingly challenging puzzles scattered through 81 beautifully designed levels.

Gamers can change Cyto's shape and explore some of the unusual ways in which it works. You will need your puzzle solving skills and an accurate flinging finger to overcome all dangers on Cyto's path.

The main goal of the game is to help Cyto recover his memories about himself and his home. Help him remember by collecting memory fragments throughout all the levels, then watch his story unfold. Each atmospheric stage is loaded with clever dangers, so watch your moves or else Cyto's story will be lost forever. Paired with a phenomenal soundtrack from Emmy nominated composer David Ari Leon and dreamlike graphics, Cyto is the perfect play for puzzle fans looking for their next obsession.

Download it today ... if this does not capture your imagination then you get your money back.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker