Sunday 17 February 2013

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Last weekend I sat down and watched this 2 hour 40 minute documentary film ... this weekend I am going to watch something different. Something that won't make me anxious. But, anxiety aside, this is a must see - have a look here for some more details

Here is an extract from a transcript I found online:

When we reflect on the original concept of the so-called free market capitalist system as initiated by early economic philosophers such as Adam Smith we see that the original intent of a “market” was based around real, tangible, life supporting goods for trade. Adam Smith never fathomed that the most profitable economic sector on the planet would eventually be in the arena of financial trading or so-called investment, where money itself is simply gained by the movement of other money in an arbitrary game which holds zero productive merit to society.

I thought an economy was meant to, I don't know... “Economize”? Doesn't the very term have to do with preservation and efficiency and a reduction of waste?

So how does our system, which demands consumption and the more the better, efficiently preserve or “Economize” at all? Well... it doesn't. The intent of the market system is, in fact, the exact opposite of what a real economy is supposed to do, which is efficiently and conservatively orient the materials for production and distribution of life supporting goods.

In our lifetimes we are going to see incredible change. Drastic, hectic, intense change. It is history repeating itself. Yes, nature is the ultimate dictator.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker