Tuesday 3 May 2011

Do what you love ...

At IS the slogan "Do what you love. Love what you do." always strikes a chord whenever someone visits the building and sees those words just about everywhere you look. To do what you love is a real privilege. Often doing what you love is not easy, but if you can do what you believe in it is liberating. The opposite, not doing what you love, is a hard place to be, and sadly, so much of the world is in that zone.

If I look at the story behind "Material", the film inspired by Dr. Riaad Moosa, I am amazed how far we have come, and also, I am overwhelmed at how much more there is to do. Material, like the story of "Purpose" is about avoiding spiritual death. It is about doing what is in your heart, about what you believe in. Doing what you love replenishes the soul.

If Billy Elliot didn't dance he would die spiritually and become a zombie. If Rocky didn't box, if the Whale Rider didn't ride the whale, if the girl in Bend it Like Beckham didn't play soccer ... and if Cassim Kaif in Material can't make the world laugh, they would all become zombies. And us, as aspiring artists, if we don't make the Material film magical then we will be zombies too. But at least we are trying. Even though the risk is so big and the stakes are so high. Yes, if we fail it is like spiritual death, and that is a very scary reality. But we take this leap of faith to try ignite our spirits, and to avoid becoming zombies, because, we simply can't quit.

And you never know - we may produce the magic. And if we do, then perhaps someone watching the film will be inspired to follow their own heart, and in turn we will awaken other spirits. Zombies be warned : there is a potential spiritual awakening coming soon to a theatre near you.

by Ronnie Apteker