Monday 23 May 2011

Puzzling ...

The thing about putting a puzzle together is that you have to wait to the end to see the final picture. If you have a vision for a house, for example, let's say your dream house, and you sit with an architect and a designer etc. and then you go and visit the construction site early, you are going to be in for a fright. Yup, you will start saying silly things like "Where is the glass for the windows, and where is the paint, and why are the floors such a mess". Puzzles take time to put together - if you look at them too early you start asking silly questions.

The same with making a film. If you start looking at the rough edit, at the bits and pieces of the puzzle, you will not feel excited, but rather, you will get stressed. You need to see all the pieces of the puzzle put together before you can start polishing the final picture.

A film, like a house, is a big mystery. It can look good on paper, but what is designed and what is built are two different things. In fact, what you script, shoot and edit are all different things. With each part of the journey comes another layer of interpretation, and hopefully, more inspiration and talent. The picture could be a lot more beautiful than you ever imagined, but it requires patience and faith.

Right now I am having to wait another 3 weeks before joining the team (director and editor) on the Material film and it is not easy. It is all very puzzling indeed. But, all is good and on track ... soon soon.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker