Wednesday 27 April 2011

What a scent !

I loved that classic movie "Scent of a woman". The dialog was so compelling, and filled with wisdom. That closing scene where Al Pacino's character makes that inspired speech - this is what it is all about.

Here is a précised extract - yes, some very wise words on leadership:

Here's Charlie facin' the fire, and there's George... hidin' in big daddy's pocket. And what are you doin'? You're gonna reward George... and destroy Charlie.

What a sham. What kind of a show are you guys puttin' on here today?

I mean, the only class in this act is sittin' next to me.

You think you're merely sendin' this splendid foot soldier... back home to Oregon with his tail between his legs, but I say you are... executin' his soul!

And why? Because he's not a Baird man.

Baird men. You hurt this boy, you're gonna be Baird bums, the lot of you.

As I came in here, I heard those words: "cradle of leadership."

Makers of men, creators of leaders. Be careful what kind of leaders you're producin' here.

I don't know if Charlie's silence here today... is right or wrong; I'm not a judge or jury.

But I can tell you this: he won't sell anybody out... to buy his future !

And that, my friends, is called integrity. That's called courage.

Now that's the stuff leaders should be made of.

Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was.

Without exception, I knew, but I never took it.

You know why?

It was too damn hard.

Now here's Charlie. He's come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path.

It's the right path.

It's a path made of principle... that leads to character.

Let him continue on his journey.

You hold this boy's future in your hands, Committee.

It's a valuable future, believe me.

Don't destroy it. Protect it. Embrace it.

It's gonna make you proud one day, I promise you.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker