Monday 11 April 2011

And that's a wrap !

It is hard to believe that the Material shoot is now in the can, er, on the hard drive. The whole thing was one big blur!

Also, the "2nd unit" team (sounds fancy hey) went and shot a bunch of cityscapes and pedestrians and traffic, and other cool stuff.

This week gear is being returned and papers signed and filed. The big 3 month edit is now underway.

Please God we will be able to show that true alchemy exists.

Craig Freimond, who directed the action, was a professional like none other. He was graceful and confident and calm. It was certainly the best experience I have had so far with any artistic adventure. And Riaad Moosa is another gift from above - a bigger mench you will not find. Bra Vince is in CT on holiday and soon will be back in London - what a champion!

The omens are certainly all good. Soon we will know ... very very soon.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


kim said...

Best of luck, Ronnie! Fingers crossed!! Keep up the good alchemy!!