Friday 22 April 2011

You can't quit !

A leader has to keep their cool at all times - they can't just throw their hands in the air and go "That’s it - I am done."

I often wish I could just leave things and walk away, but in life, we should finish what we start (even if the ending is not fun and exciting) and as leaders, the buck stops here. The real challenges in life are all people related. The non-people stuff we can sleep off, but the human related issues are the ones that keep us up at night. They are the real fundamental challenges and they can delight or drain us. I try never to lose my cool, but I am not perfect, and once in a blue moon I do just say what is on my mind. For the rest of it, I try to not sweat the small stuff - I know that some people just don’t know any better, and also, I have learnt that one has to be bigger than the rest, if one wants to lead people. It is not easy, and leadership is often not a popularity contest. Ask any parent - they will tell you the same thing.

To make magic in the world, real magic, requires sacrifice and commitment, on a level that can lead one to an early grave. As the saying goes "no pain, no gain" ... yes, no pain, no magic. To conjure up brilliant colour, and to inspire others, requires strength and drive. It means you can't quit. Even if you want to.

One has to be bigger than the rest if you want to do big things in the world. I don't feel I have done anything big in the world, but I am on a path where magic lies on the road less traveled, and I have wanted to quit so many times, because it is so hard, so painful, often so lonely, but, I somehow keep finding the strength to continue. I often have to take a pause, but I have yet to quit.

Yes, I would love to be able to go "I am going travelling - sorry" but I can't. I lost that right a long time ago. Like a parent - it is just not an option. Parents can't quit, well, the good ones. I am almost 44 years old and my parents still work for me ... and that is how it is.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker