Friday 1 May 2009

May day !

April went by so fast, endless public holidays and all. And now May is upon us, and here is the news from Vottleland:

Development on the Vottle front continued this past month with some minor tweaks in terms of usability. We have consolidated links such as the 'Tell a friend' link into the "links box" that appears with every advert. We have also made some wording changes throughout the site to assist users in making the necessary changes to their profiles to cater for the changes eBucks just implemented which allows users to pay for goods with eBucks with their ID number rather than an eBucks specific username.

On the advertising front we have engaged the services of an enthusiastic team of sales agents who will put significantly more focus on the sale of advertising space on Vottle. This "partnership" means we will also explore more advertising opportunities on our side in terms of both more real estate and more targeted advertising opportunities providing our partners much more flexibility in terms of what they can sell to potential advertisers. We will also publish an official "rate card" on the Vottle site.

On the SEO front we have completed a major cleanup of dead links that were still being indexed by Google. This should hopefully have some good impact on our SEO rankings in the months to come.

On some other news, we are progressing well with - we aim to launch the site officially in the next 3 months. The experiment is gaining some momentum, slowly but surely. The Brazil Wantitall ( site has done quite a few trades so the tech is working and running, but this has also started off quite slowly - the learning curve here has been intense! The last bit of news today is about - this is a new online marketing initiative that is being launched this month.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker