Saturday 9 May 2009


This coming week we go live with our Randgo offering. This is a lifestyle portal and it is stunning!

I am personally very excited about the potential here and I think we have a unique service and something very very cool.

Our aim is to establish ourselves as a corporate Web-based staff benefits platform. Initially we are aiming at the leading IS (Internet Solutions) customers but we will be opening up to the rest of the market very soon.

We have an exciting development pipeline and over the next year we will be rolling out new features and services just about every other month. From customized news feeds, to a mobile component, to tailored corporate social network tools... the list of things in development is indeed fantastic.

For a demo go to and if you want more info about this colourful service then please drop me a line :

For the past month we have been out there doing demos of the portal to the leading corporates in the land, and from the middle of next week we go live with our first group of pilot sites.

The one thing that has stood out for us at the majority of the organizations we have spent time with this past month, is that people want to discuss their intranets. They see Randgo as a way to add spice to their internal portals. Yes, our vision at Randgo is evolving fast, and our future goal is to turn SharePoint into "starepoint". We want to position ourselves as fuel for the corporate intranet. "Content is king", is a popular expression, but content is not everyone's game. Well, at least gathering it and disseminating it - at Randgo this is something we are embracing in a big way.

Watch this space!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker