Sunday 17 May 2009


Leadership is not about power, it is about service.

A leader is not about dictating strategy - that comes from everyone in the team. A leader is meant to try and listen - good strategy can come from just about anyone. The purpose of strategy is to create alignment, and a leader is also meant to align people. Hence leadership and strategy are closely linked but I think there is a misconception that is up to a leader to define and articulate strategy.

In my short life I have learned that most people fancy themselves as leaders, but the truth is, very few people make good leaders. I think we all need to be leaders at some point in our lives, but when it comes to business, I believe that leadership in this sense is often misunderstood.

Leaders serve the people they are leading. Leaders are not there to boss people around or to feed their egos.

Effective leaders ultimately will work themselves out of a job if they have served their team well.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker