Wednesday 31 December 2008

The camera never lies - ya well no fine

It has been said that the camera never lies but this past week I have a whole new take on this expression.

And another thing about photos, because these last few days I have been taking a lot of them; yes, the thing with photos is that you have to take a lot of them because so many of them turn out kak. What you think looks good for a split second often looks pretty dull later.

What am I trying to say here... Well, I am trying to figure this out myself. Let me see if I can find the words before I wish us all a cool new year. Let's see. In life, like in photography, we gotta keep snapping away. We never know which ones will turn out great. And when it comes to cameras, they do sometimes lie. And that is why we must never abandon our sense of judgment. I wrote this recently on this VLOG but I will re-visit it here: if things seem too good to be true then don't throw your logic out the window! If things seem too good to be true then accept they are probably too good to be true! But, never never never give up (as Winston Churchill once said). The more we try the luckier we get! And that is the entrepreneurial spirit in a nutshell. That and of course, taking chances. Rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

In 2009 I am going to follow my gut feel like never before. I would rather walk away from something early and take it on the chin than go down a path because of some lovely picture someone showed me. That picture is often not what we know to be true and yet we follow the path knowing very well that there is trouble ahead.

So, thank you cameras, and computers, for giving us an another entertaining year. And thank you to all my Vottle friends for making the journey worthwhile!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker