Sunday 4 January 2009

Let's make it count!

Happy new year to all our Vottle users - let's make this year count!

Here are the highlights from Vottleland :

We have spent quite a bit of time enhancing our natural SEO by improving many of our URL formats, page titles and some other HTML optimizations. This has already resulted in some solid improvement in Vottle's search rankings. This should hopefully help us to further reduce our monthly Adwords' spend and close the gap between our income and expenses.

We have also started to change the layout of several pages. This is to make content more relevant and user-friendly, and this has also allowed us to add Google Adsense content to much of the site. This will provide us with a good benchmark for future banner advertising opportunities as it will guide us with pricing structures based on real income (ie, we are hoping the Google Adsense move will bring in a consistent revenue stream in this year ahead).

We have also added a new 'landing page' which many users will reach from Google searches; the aim of this page is to provide a more trustworthy and enticing 'first impression' of Vottle to users who are unfamiliar with the site, and encourage them to post ads and register. The results here have been encouraging so far, although December is traditionally a quite month and we hope to see the number of postings and registrations rise even further in January now.

Much of our focus will change in this coming year with respect to our online developments. We will keep you all posted on all our new initiatives and explorations.

All the best for 2009 !!!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker