Tuesday 9 December 2008

Back the jockey!

There is that old expression that goes "you should back the jockey, not the horse". Well, I think it goes something like that. Now, I never quite understood what it meant exactly, but I do like the sound of these words. I interpret it as something to do with backing people. Now I know many people make a lot of fuss over a good horse; they are beautiful and majestic creatures and they are expensive animals to have in one's stable. But, horses aside, people are what make the difference!

Yes, I have said and written this many times, you never back ideas, you back people. You back a person who you think is going to get the job done, and if they don't get it done then you might as well do it yourself. And, of course, if you do it yourself then what were you actually backing. So, think of what you actually are investing in; think of what you are backing!

At the moment I am busy going through what is on my plate, and, I am think about the "effort/reward ratio", and, something is not stacking up. Looks like some of the jockeys I am backing are still in the starting gates. Time to make some changes.

One last think to think about, the special children of the world. Ask any parent if their children are special and you know what the answer will be. Yes, all children are special. And this is what we look for when we invest, yes, the special people. So, with all these special children in the world, where do all the ordinary adults come from?!

This has been one intense year; I am looking forward to next year - lots of new things to try, with a smaller, more focused group of jockeys.


Posted by Ronnie Apteker