Tuesday 16 December 2008

You can never call too much, only too little

You can never care about a customer too much, only too little. Try driving someone crazy with attention, it is almost impossible. But you can drive them crazy if you simply ignore them. Yes, doing nothing drives people crazy.

So, the other day I ask someone about the status of something we are working on, and I get told "I never heard back from them". What does it mean when someone says "I never heard back from them". Proactive people never say things like this. Proactive people call, and if they don't hear back, well, then they call again, and again, again... luck always favours the persistent!

Most of the world is reactive. How many times have you heard someone say "The deal didn't happen, because they never got back to me." This is the difference between the rich and the poor, in my view; between the proactive and reactive.

Of course, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker