Tuesday 1 April 2008

Vottle in talks with Google to supply electricity to greater Johannesburg

In, what has been described as unparalleled, the heads of Google met with the Vottle executives in Geneva last week to discuss how to exploit their collective intellectual property in an effort to bring 220V to South Africa during it's time of need. The move has been seen as "bold and italicized"; this was the reaction from the local anti-youth league office.

Generators in South Africa are the number one ticket item for this Christmas and they are already selling like hotcakes. In a clever move, Vottle decided to sell hotcakes, because, well, they will sell like mad. But the market for second-hand hotcakes is still in its infancy so they turned to Google and that is when the high-level talks began.

Both parties went forth, and fifth, into this new initiative to try and inject some positive energy, and electrical energy, into the landscape. A lot of landscapers were keen on the move as it agreed with their long term goals and commitments. The Vottle offices have subsequently been overrun with Googlers who were pulling out all the stops signs and were searching like mad for a world-class solution. Fortunately, their search engine meant that the mad search didn’t require more than a few mouse clicks. Vottle also provided the terminology for the joint venture and helped people express their concerns for when the lights went out. The average citizen has been heard to be blurting out things like “Vot is going on?” and “Ver is the light switch?”

The Vottlers are very happy with the outcome of the collaboration and have already started further intense Adwords campaigns to celebrate this unique milestone. Google responded by handing over more clickable pens which the Vottlers took to in a big way. The more they clicked they more they earned; that is what pay per click pens are all about. Also, the news came in on the wire that soon there will be more Internet than people. The launch of this electrical joint effort here has been very well timed.

Lastly, it has been reported that Eskom will soon be raising electricity rates to reflect mini-bar prices.

Neither office could be reached for comment, and as it turns out, offices are not that talkative.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds excelent. It will help our economy.