Saturday 26 April 2008

All the answers are inside of you

Mother Theresa once said, “We cannot do great things in the world, only small things with great love.” Love is what makes the world go round. Love never led to war and love gives us the strength to carry on even when the road ahead is a difficult one. And I am and referring to all kinds of love. The love of a person and the love of what one does. When you love someone or something you will stick with it because true love is unconditional and unselfish. When one gives of themselves to someone or something with all their heart then magic happens. When you follow what you truly believe in then untold riches will come your way. Yes, I know, this is easier said than done. People are typically weak. People are easily influenced. And people, more often than not, live their lives in the social mirror – it is much easier to strive for what everyone else has than to listen to your own voice.

Put your heart into what you do. Fight for what you believe in. Putting your heart and soul into what you believe in is what quality is all about. Qualitative existence it is about doing things with love; it is about doing things from the heart. And if you are looking for answers then remember these famous words, “It is better to have some of the questions then all of the answers.” Well, I think some good questions are going to be explored here today. Let’s roll.

Stephen Covey once described the world as being split into 2 groups of people. Those who have a scarcity mentality and those who believe in abundance. He says that most people tend towards scarcity – they see the world as a pie and the only way they can win is to get the biggest slice. I agree with Covey’s observations. The other group, unfortunately though the minority, sees an abundance of everything in this world – here, everyone can win – there is enough for all the people of this Earth.

The world really is that black or white. You can simply group yourself into the qualitative or the quantitative camp. So, let’s ask ourselves some questions. Which of these would we say you tend towards? Quality or quantity? Short-term or long-term thinking? Are you a dreamer or a schemer? Are you filled with passion or envy? Are you motivated by love or ego? Do you want to make a difference in the world or is it all about the money? Do you believe in purpose or power? Do you love or do you hate?

Now before you go off and start arguing that it is not that simple then let me end that debate right now by saying that yes I know that it is not easy to live with one’s heart on one’s sleeve. And yes, when one is struggling to make ends meet then it is not easy to think about loving the work you do. Making a difference in the world has often been described as something only for people who have no financial worries. Well, to all you cynics out there, I am sure you are familiar with these words, “The best way to receive is to give.” These words are true. When I said, “perhaps when you are struggling to make ends meet then it is hard to think about the purpose of one’s life” I was actually being facetious. Let’s examine what ends you are trying to make meet. Are you battling to pay off your new fancy car? Is that house you just bought perhaps a little too much for your budget? And do you even need it? Are you battling to keep up with your neighbours? Because if you are (and as Covey insightfully points out, most of the world is) then love is not driving you. Neither is passion. And forget about quality. It is all about the numbers. The American dream used to be about putting bread on the table. Now it is all about getting a bigger table. Stop comparing yourself to others. Come on, why do you think the NASDAQ dived? Why do you think the economy is in the state it is? Greed is what quantitative life is all about. And greed, I am afraid, is what motivates most men, especially in these times of entitlement.

We could simply ask: are we good or bad? But this is not what I am on about. I don’t think that quantitative people are bad. Re-phrasing this last question will illustrate what I am trying to share with you all. Are you enlightened or misguided? I think that people who are chasing money all the time (even when they don’t need it) are misguided. Perhaps your immediate peer group or family members have more money than you and perhaps this is what drives you. Or perhaps you come from little money and feel you have something to prove to the world? Or perhaps you simply watch too much television. Whatever the reasons are it is not good for you. If you are stuck in the trap commonly known as the “comparison game” then you are never going to win, let alone, get out in one piece. Stop thinking and start feeling. It is your head that confuses you. And it is your heart that has the answers. The head is all about ego, envy and greed. The heart is all about love, passion and purpose.

All the answers are inside of you. Listen to your heart, not the television. Just because it looks like everyone is doing something does not mean you need to. Just because it seems that everyone drives a sports car does not mean you need to. Stop being influenced by all these media marketing machines. And start living your own life. Actually, too much TV is a telltale sign of a quantitative existence. So, let’s end off this glorious Saturday with these words, “Change yourself not the channel!” Checking the gate. Cleared. And that’s a wrap.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker