Tuesday 1 April 2008

April Cools

Yes, another month gone by and Vottleland is buzzing. Here are some cool highlights from the Vottlers.

  • NetAds collaboration, coming in about a week's time : integration with the NetAds platform - this is a win/win for both NetAds and Vottle - adverts posted on each respective platform will be cross-populated
  • premium postings : this is in beta testing; you, yes YOU, can upgrade your free Vottle posting to a "premium" posting by way of a credit card (still free during this beta testing phase) - premium postings get more prominence on the Vottle web site
  • more and more anti-spam/scam features : a major differentiator for classifieds' platform will be how “clean” a site is with respect to spam/scam – a lot of our efforts have been spent on putting in the necessary instruments for eliminating this factor – when it comes to our Brazil roll-out this is going to be key
  • database enhancements : many of our tables used in generating internal stats were restructured and the general speed of generating pages on the Vottle site has been made quite a bit faster
  • Google Adwords : we finally managed to move to Rand based billing from US $ billing - we learnt a valuable lesson about "granularity" with respect to Google and one's monthly spend
  • we will be re-doing the Vottle home page to make way for corporate banner advertising which we will start actively selling from next month – this is a BIG area of focus for the month ahead

Thank you to all of you for your support and input - we really value all the ideas we get - please send your suggestions to feedback@vottle.com

Posted by the Vottlers