Thursday 21 February 2008

Well oiled machines

If your car engine misfires you take it to the garage. It either runs 100% smoothly or you get it seen too. You get it fixed. The same should apply to everything else in life. But, this is the paradox of our times. If our car backfires we call the garage, but if our body aches we generally carry on and ignore the pain.

So much of our aches and pains are caused by stress. We don't sleep well at night, we don't rest, we don't relax. And so much of this stress is caused by the office. When it comes to a business either the engine of people is well oiled or it starts to misfire; and, if it does not run 100% smoothly then you need to get it fixed. A small misfire now become a big headache later. Yes, you sort out your car the moment it makes the smallest strange sound or starts behaving oddly, the same should go apply to your business.

Don't leave things. Be proactive!

If you stay in reactive mode just now you will be in a crises situation. Your company needs to run 100% smoothly. Any misfires need to be sorted so that the engine can run 100% smoothly. And if the engine runs smoothly then our stress levels drop.

Simple story really. But, as it has often been said, common sense is not common practice.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker