Tuesday 12 February 2008

Jerusalema in Berlin

Tonight the South African made movie, Jerusalema, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and by all accounts it was a great screening! The energy in the 650 seater cinema was intense, and there wasn't an empty seat left. The mood at the event was amazing. Wow!

Have a look at the film's web site: www.jerusalemamovie.com. This one should break some ground, we hope.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Anonymous said...

Thats great news!

You discussed the footskating movie some time ago and I was curious which model of the panasonic P2 cameras you used.


Thank you,

kevin patrick taylor

Ronnie said...

Hi Kevin,

you can email me at ronnie@is.co.za and I will introduce you to the gurus on our side who can tell you all about the P2 - we were amazed with the image quality we got out of this camera - really incredible !