Thursday 7 February 2008

The G spot in SA

Yesterday I attended the coolest meeting I have been to in ages. I guess the word meeting is not even the right word to use here. It was more like a soulful gathering. So, it turns out Google SA is based at the same place we are based at, the Campus - very cool. And it also turns out that the main man there, Stafford, I have known for years. Small world, good world! There were 6 of us at the get together and it was high energy.

The Google guys gave us some funky stuff. T-shirts and pens, ala Google. The pen I got is one of those clicking pens and I start to click it like mad, and drive everyone crazy. Eventually the one guys looks at me with this painful look: "Stop it already!" But I could not, I explain. Because it is all about "pay per click" ;-)

Ok ok, I know ... but this next part was the best. I lost the T-shirt they gave me. Not a problem - we fire up our laptop and do a search on Google. Can't find a thing. So much for all this search technology. Turns out the shirt fell behind the desk. Go figure.

Yes, perhaps we should think of using the name Giggle. Was a fun meeting. I am looking forward to our next gathering.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker