Friday 3 May 2013

Who said talk is cheap … ?

Three weeks ago I got an iPhone. I am finally with it, well, you know. Also, I changed from MTN to Vodacom, as part of some corporate contract that was awarded or something like that. Who knows. One day I was on MTN and the next day it was Vodacom. I have been on MTN since the beginning. No jokes, I even have an MTN “212” number that only staff there received. It was given to me as a result of some IS work we did for them back in the day.

So, who cares about any of this … yes, exactly. But hang on, since I have been on the Vodacom network I have 10 times the number of dropped calls. Serious.

The iPhone thing is cool, and it looks pretty, but I have never had problems like this before with dropped calls. I am not the biggest cell phone person, and I had this ugly ‘ol Nokia for years and MTN had a few dropped calls every other day or so, but Vodacom is off the charts on the dropped call frontier.

People often say silly things like “Are you happy with you phone?” You know, if I get calls that tell me that I won the lottery then I am happy with the phone. And if I get a call to say my mom fell down the steps, then I am not happy with my phone. And yes, when I get dropped calls and can’t actually communicate then I am not happy with the phone. Of late I am battling to have a conversation because of all the dropped calls, and it is starting to cost me. It wastes time.

WTF ?!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker