Friday 4 January 2013


I wish I was a better sleeper. After a good night's sleep everything is more peaceful. Last night I slept like never before, and today I am excited about the year ahead. The night before I was tossing and turning and slept so badly. And then, that next day things did not look so good. It is amazing what a difference a good night's sleep makes. Never make decisions when you are tired - when we sleep badly the next day we really battle with perspective.

Sleep is not just about resting the body, but also, the mind. When we can switch off for a night then the next day we have amazing clarity. That is my experience. Yes, today I am very clear on the year ahead, and I will take the challenges that are coming in their stride.

Sleep is also something we can use to express our view on a venture, and many other things. This holiday I have been thinking and struggling about another film project we have been driving. It is our next big venture after Material. I think we are going to put it to sleep for 6 months. Sometimes putting things on ice for a while gives you a very valuable perspective. Material took 7 years to write, and there were many long pauses throughout this time. Yes, I think our big East/West script is going to take a breather, and I am very comfortable about it after that good night's sleep. When we return to that journey later in the year things will fall into place. I am pretty sure of it.

May this new year ahead be filled with many good night's sleeps - for all of us. Then we can all make better decisions. As the old saying goes "Let's sleep on it".

Posted by Ronnie Apteker