Friday 28 December 2012


The material year is almost over. Wow, what a blur! Next year is going to be even more intense - the writing is on the wall. We all better buckle up.
On this side, we are still all chipping away, trying to make inroads abroad with the Material movie. We will know by the end of Jan. where we stand. We just need a bit more luck now.

We have learnt so much these past 12 months, and also, we have confirmed so many lessons about story telling. If you are going to make a commercial movie then make it as commercial as possible. And, if you are going to make an art film then make it as arty as you can. The world has a commercial cinema industry and an art-house circuit, but there is nothing in-between. If you make, what they call in Los Angeles, a "tweener", the neither fish nor fowl film, then you will be stuck.

We all love a good story. But the story telling business is not an easy one at all.

The end.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker