Monday 17 December 2012

I wish upon a star ...

Some friends of mine have just launched a new lifestyle app. WishLab - you can download it from the App. Store - it is for all those who believe that thoughts are material (excuse the pun ... again). This app. is a personal and inspired way to help you work on your wishes, using thoughts, feelings, actions, photos, videos, reminders, etc.

Please help us spread the word ... we are trying something innovative and creative here, and the timing could not be better. When it comes to those New Year's resolutions and holiday wishes, then this is something you need to help you on your journey. Check it out:

We hope you like it - thank you for your support!
Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Nina said...

Many thanks to you for the post and to your friends for the app :)
I really liked Wishlab. It has an interesting design and user-friendly interface. I`ve already set 7 wishes, hope it helps me to achieve it!