Wednesday 30 January 2013

Lucky leadership

Leading people is most often not a popularity contest. It sounds exciting and fun, but it really is hard work. It can be very rewarding and it certainly can be fulfilling, but it is often filled with disappointments and struggle.

Building a business and nurturing and growing people is like raising kids. You get out what you put in. Well, that is the theory anyways. But, there are risks with both of these.

Most businesses don't go on to make magic in the world and most start-ups fail. You go about building your business, putting in so much, to try and find some joy in the world but so often you land up with stress, disappointment and pain. It is the same with raising kids. Sure, you hope that your kids will bring you joy later in life, but often, kids can also bring you anxiety, hardship and pain.

If you look at the problem children out there, you never really have to look further than the source. The same with a failing business. When no one really cares, this is what happens. In short, there is a risk in trying to build a company and in raising kids - you want to find magic but you often find only struggle.

On the other hand, you can give it all you got, and work hard, and still, there is no guarantee that your kids will turn out good, like there is no guarantee a business will work, even if you do everything right. Luck always plays a role. You could raise your kids great, and they could still turn out to be lemons. And you could lead people in a business, with an inspired soul, and work harder than anyone, and set an example, and still go nowhere.

Leadership requires an element of luck. I am more and more convinced of this.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Frankie2socks said...

Thanx for a great article on the trails of life, and starting a business.