Friday 16 March 2012

More material

We did good last weekend on the Material theatrical run. We had only a small drop-off and we actually even moved up a notch to position no. 4. We still have the full 41 prints in play which is very good (with double screens still in place at Rosebank Zone, Sandton and Gateway in Durban).

There is some very BIG Hollywood product coming out this weekend, and the following weekend, so the competition is gonna be hectic!

Riaad and I recently attended a gathering of the FCA (Foreign Correspondence Ass.) and CNN and Al Jazeera, as prime examples, want to do a story on a Riaad and the film – this is very exciting, and very very important in terms of our potential offshore journey ... lots of work to do, but it is all good.

Check this out – it went live this week – from one of the FCA members :

We estimate over 200,000 people have now seen the film, which is a big number - the longer we stay on circuit the better our chances of getting to that magical 400,000 number (which is not a necessity, but it helps to be in the top 10 for the year, in terms of positioning abroad with potential international distributors).

And with that, back to the material it is. Yes, we are writing another story ... 4 years in actually – but now in high energy mode. More material is coming; just can’t say when ... this takes time.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker