Tuesday 20 March 2012

Material momentum

This past weekend we dropped off a bit more than we hoped for from last weekend.

Our guess is that this coming weekend we are going to have some prints taken off circuit. We will only find out later this week what the cinemas plan to do. We are number 6 in the rankings which makes us a bit vulnerable but we are doing all we can to try keep the footprint to a maximum.

We are still doing very well on all the cosmopolitan sites, so we reckon that at those sites we will continue to enjoy a long run.

If we look at the drop offs of all the films on circuit, we are still shaping up better than most, and also, on our smaller footprint, our screen average is still the highest for the year, which remains the key measure for cinemas.

All is on track, and we are excited about the journey here – it really is only just beginning.

PS – check this out :

Posted by Ronnie Apteker