Tuesday 24 January 2012

The reel work

No, it is not a typo. We are working on the reels. We got to get people to buy tickets. How do we inspire them to go and see this little local movie?! That is where the real work is being done. Yes yes, a bit cheesy, but please just go with it ... the material for Material is what this is all about.

We are very confident in the product. It has been tested with over 300 people and the response has been overwhelming. We know that whoever goes to see the film will be delighted - the thing is: why will they take a chance and buy a ticket?

All the ticket prices are the same. So why would someone want to spend 40 bucks on a local movie when they can go and see a big budget Hollywood blockbuster for the same price?

This is not an easy question to answer. The truth is, I have no idea. Perhaps it will be the relentless marketing campaign that motivates them, or perhaps Riaad's fans will mobilize, or perhaps we will just have some luck on our side. Or, all of the above. One thing is for sure, we know that the film is going to have strong word of mouth - we just need that initial wave of people to go support Material on the opening weekend. It is that initial wave that keeps us up at night. We need people to go on the opening weekend and that is the bottom line.

It is good thing we now have the Gautrain in JHB - at least there is somewhere I can go and busk if we don't do the numbers.

The past few weeks have been the most intense I have experienced in years. The reels are coming, to a cinema near you!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker