Thursday 12 January 2012

Passion and purpose

When you hire someone you can contract them to be punctual, but you can't make them be passionate. You can't buy love. You can't put passion into a contract - not a marriage contract, not an employment contract, not any kind of contract.

Purpose is a very specific thing. You either feel it or you don't. You can't pay people to love something. At IS there is a saying "Do what you love and love what you do." Of course, this doesn’t have to apply only to technology, but, if you love to do something then it is not because someone paid you.

I am always amazed when you meet someone who is enthusiastic and passionate. Why am I amazed... Because, in my view, these people are rare. They are not the norm.

Purpose is a privilege and also a curse. Doing what you love can often cause pain. If you do what you love and it does not love you back, well then it can be a real struggle.

At the moment Material (the movie) is not making my life easy, but we love it - the Moosa man is the real deal!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker