Thursday 3 November 2011

Tomorrow is material

What started in 2004 ends tomorrow. Yup, by sunset comes Friday the film will be technically complete. But the Material journey is really just beginning. Getting the film out there is a whole other mountain and I can't wait to start climbing.

A lot happened in this last week. On Tuesday Steers shot a TV commercial with Riaad and Joey as the two main characters. The advert goes out in the new year - it is gonna be proper cool!

On the 16th at 6 pm Craig and I will be in London for the BIG screening - I can't really say a whole lot, but this is the biggest milestone I have had personally in my 12 year detour into the world of the commercial arts.

We got some Web banners that went live this week - there is vibey banner up on and there is one - there will be a lot more coming in the new year.

Then, there is a the East/West story - something inspired in part by Fiddler on the Roof, and also, by Material. If Material works next year, the East/West story will be next - you have been warned!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker