Sunday 20 November 2011

The London screening ...

What a week!

We screened the Material film in London on Wednesday - it feels like it was so long ago ... talk about an intense week - wow!

The screening went good, even though we had all kinds of technical challenges. Yes, everything that could go wrong, did. It was terrifying! The sound system in the art deco cinema Soho hotel we were in did not behave itself, and the full glory of the film was not experienced, and still, people were laughing and crying. When they see the finished, mastered film in a movie theatre soon, they will be properly amazed with this magical little film. The film still excites me every time I see it.

The real work is just beginning. The release in SA in February is the key to everything. The rules of business are the same for all businesses - the film business is no different. You need critical mass at home before you can expand.

Also, we are hoping we will get into a high profile festival, like Berlin. They will let us know in the first week of January. If we get into Berlin we have a real launch platform - we need it. This is not an art movie, but a commercial film, and we need to platform it.

Lots to do, and we are on the right track. A lot of it now boils down to "hurry up and wait." And of course luck - with a bit of luck, we may just get to the pyramids.

Posted by Ronnie Apteker