Thursday 3 February 2011


I joined Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Now, I am meant to be a "computer guy" and yet, I have been avoiding the mother of social networks for a long time. And, since I have been on Facebook it has blown my mind - the world has changed! This is a serious medium, and when it comes to marketing, the smart money is online. Facebook is a buzz of activity with everyone trying to punt their art, their brand, their products, their services, and of course, themselves. Of course, you all know this already ... I am catching up!

I knew I had to join Facebook. This is a fantastic way to try promote our new movie, "Material". Yes, we are now just under 6 weeks away from shooting the movie inspired by the good doctor, Riaad Moosa. And yeah, we now have a page up on Facebook - check it out:

There is also a teaser web site that just went live - take a peek too :

And, here is my address on Facebook :

The Facebook story is incredible. Think about it for a moment: Facebook sounds so close to "phonebook". And that is what has been created here - a global virtual directory service. The first real all-encompassing voluntary phonebook, where you can say "Hey, get a hold of me here." And like a real phonebook, they are selling advertising. The writing was on the wall, er, the phonebook, and now, the Facebook.

Now, if you really want to get your mind racing then read this :

Wow, the world is changing, and fast!

By Ronnie Apteker


kim said...

Now the question is: does this "computer guy" tweet? Personally I dont know how people find the time!

Cell C Specials said...

ahhh welcome to the world of social networking...
the thing is most people think that Facebook is all that!!! And it is when it comes to socialising...

However business on Facebook is another story. It's not that you can just run and AD or start a group and make millions...

it's interacting, it's keeping in touch it's adding that social element to your business, that's when social media becomes powerful.

JOIN twitter now :) before you miss out on that.