Monday 13 September 2010

Talk talk

What is with those private number calls that you get on your cell where they go, "Hello sir, how are you?"

And you say "What is this about?", which generally comes back with another "Hello, how are you?"


I respect anyone who works for a living, and telesales can't be the easiest gig in town, but lighten up a bit for fuck sakes.

The other day I tried the following. I was in my car, and a private call through early in the morning, and this is what went down "Hello, sir, how are you today?"

So, I reply with, "Not so good - I just lost my job today, and, my mother told me she is not my mother." (Just kidding mom ... I wonder if she knows about this blog thing?!)

See how long they keep up their robot stance. Seriously, try it too; it makes the whole thing much more fun. It was a very short conversation to say the least.

But this is nothing compared to the clown who leaves a message on your cell and doesn't say what it is about. Like this young alleged film maker who left a bunch of messages on my phone that went like this "Hi Ronnie, this is Bobby, please call me ..."

Why would I call someone I don't know, on a number I have not seen before, when I have no idea what it is about. There is only one thing worse than a telesales robot calling you, and this is when you call some guy who know nothing about, for something you know is only going to upset you. Why would be do it?! And then, our man Bobby, catches me one day, early in the morning, and asks me if he can come and see me about a movie he wants to make. Proper clown - all he wants is a few million. Sure thing Bobby.

Maybe I am just old fashioned. Yeah, I am old school alright.

I was mentoring a bunch of young guys the other day (well, I was trying too) and I was asked an intriguing question, "If there are so many monkeys out there... incompetent, unprofessional folk, in big jobs, with big responsibilities, then how did the IT director of that big firm we are talking about ever get the job if he is such a clown?"

I had to think about this and this is was my response, "You should see the guy he replaced!"

Posted by Ronnie Apteker