Sunday 26 September 2010

Comical points

I used to read (I think that is the word) Richie Rich comics when I was growing up. I am still growing up (I am told) but I have not read a Richie Rich comic since I was a teenager.

I remember those adverts that often appeared in the middle or on the back cover page. You know those compelling sales pitches where you were seduced into selling and delivering newspapers, and whereby you could earn points in doing so, and then you could trade in those hard earned points for something from the colourful catalogue, which basically made up the bulk of the pitch. I am sure you will remember those cool things - there was the air hockey table, the slot car racing kit, the Spalding baseball glove (obviously for Americans this one), the rocket, and more ... and my all-time favourite, the X-ray specs.

Didn't you used to stare at this page and just wonder. Ah man, the X-ray specs - I actually believed, for years, that I could look through things - you gotta love those Americans - they sure do know a few tricks when it comes to marketing.

Are there still Richie Riche comics in the world today? Maybe I just haven’t looked for one ... one thing is for sure, the all seducing points system thing back then is still alive and well - check this :

Posted by Ronnie Apteker