Friday 3 September 2010

Please don't tell my mom

I have had this cool motorbike in my garage for years and years. And it was starting to hate me! I have not ridden that monster for about 5 years, and then something inspired and I called Linex Yamaha and they came to collect my XT600 and they got her up and running. I got the bike over 10 years ago and I have hardly riden it. But still, it is great machine and they got her firing away in no time.

This past weekend I took the bike for a spin. I felt like I was back in school, on my old nifty fifty. And then it hit me - bikes are proper old school - no car phones, no built-in GPS, no CD player. If you have to find an address you gotta to look for it the old fashioned way. If you want to call someone, you gotta pull over, stop, and switch off the engine. Yeah, I like it!

I went to visit my mate Kevin, who I have not seen in ages. I have not been to his place before, so I had to pull over, call him, get directions, and follow my nose. And it felt good.

But please don't tell my mom - she does not like the thought of me on a two wheeler. I know that riding a bike is dangerous, especially in Johannesburg, with all those crazy drivers on the road. But it did make me feel alive.

I am gonna ride her again this weekend - I can't wait!


Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Tony Wade said...

Hey Ronnie, next time you head out for a Ride, I'd love to join. I got myself a KTM 690 SMC a year and a half ago.