Sunday 1 November 2009


Where does the time go? The year end festive season is so close now!

On the Vottle side we have the following news:

We rolled out some new dynamic backup infrastructure this month, which will assist in creating easy off-site backups, as well as archiving our ever increasing data. We will also be deploying a new backup server in the next week to ensure we are safe from any unforeseen problems!

We will be exploring some further SEO improvements this month as well as experimenting with the quality of our data to see the effect it has on our overall traffic. Essentially we are trying to determine exactly what type of content our users find useful and that which they don't.

Then, for the bigger news: our Vottle star Richard has decided to join another Internet start-up from the new year. Richard is going to work on Vottle after hours and on weekends from February next year. We have a plan over the next few months to make some enhancements and then Vottle will take stock again from February. We suspect that Vottle will become self-sustaining from around March next year. We are battling though to monetize this portal. But the traffic is pretty decent and again we beat last month's record.

All the other projects are going good and we are expecting a good trading month over the various sites as we lead up to the holidays. Some cool new things are coming soon (bring on LifeFundi) - more next month!

Finally, we had our first casting session this weekend for the Riaad Moosa film project ( - a shoot date has been set for September next year!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker