Tuesday 1 September 2009

Spring leap

Winter in Johannesburg was so cold this year... spring is finally here. Yeah!

And on the Vottle front things are cool.

Here is a quick update form V-land: We have re-architected the login procedure for the new radio classifieds sites, ECR and Jacaranda. This will make the user experience less frustrating by using the main site login details to automatically log the user in to their corresponding classifieds account. This will be implemented and rolled out in the next few weeks and is sure to boost our user numbers as users will not be concerned about having to create a separate account for classifieds.

We will also be rolling out a new web certificate structure which will allow us to easily upgrade their adverts on these sites as well.

Finally, new search functionality will be implemented on these sites allowing users to seamlessly search the radio websites for both content as well as classifieds.

On some other news we went live with "The Big Deal" on Wantitall.co.za - have a look at the home page here. And, in the month ahead we should have a Spanish site up and running as well as a site for Nigeria shortly after that.

On the Randgo side we now have our first official customers and things are about to get exciting on this front.

www.cardfather.co.za is helping to catch some online fraudsters - we will be adding some more functionality to the site in the month ahead.

Vottle reached its highest number of unique visitors this past month! Viva!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker