Monday 31 August 2009

Diamonds are forever

Last week I was travelling back from aboard with a friend of mine, and we got stuck at the airport in Munich for the night. Our plane had a technical fault and all the passengers were told to come back the next day. Some people, who had a visa etc., were put up in a hotel near the airport, and the rest had to sleep on the airport floor.

And that is where I heard this cool story. The "airport story", about a woman who was smuggling diamonds. So, the story goes that she tipped the airport security off about a diamond smuggler whose was wearing a cast. And then this woman arrives with a cast on her arm; well, the airport police totally interrogate her after receiving the tip, and proceed to remove the cast etc. But of course, they find nothing, and they are incredibly apologetic.

So, the next time she travels they are all accommodating and make a big fuss over her, and she just waltzes on through, diamonds and all.

Now this would make a great scene in a movie!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker