Wednesday 1 April 2009


The first quarter is over, and the big news is that Vottle is merging with Google… April Fools!

Seriously though, speaking of Google, once again March has been a month focused on improving our natural SEO with the aim of both reducing our Google AdWords spend and yet sustaining our traffic volumes. Our strategy is changing, from one of increasing postings to increasing page views and searches. This will hopefully put us in a better position to attract a wider variety of advertisers. We have also identified a list of new improvements from an SEO perspective which we will be attacking in the next few weeks.

We are also working on formalizing the sales of our ad space by creating rate sheets (both on the site as well as a glossy print) to be more competitive in the market.

Finally, our Google AdSense revenues have remained stable this month, a good sign as we have not made any changes here (consistency is always good!).

On other news, our platform is really taking shape. And, towards the end of April we will be launching an e-Procurement portal. The Wantitall venture in Brazil - - has been live for just under one week - we have done 3 transactions since go live - the learning curve here is intense, but the journey is very exciting! On the music side, is live but we will only be properly launching the site around mid-year - we are trading already and things are feeling positive.

The last bit of tech news for today is around the area of online marketing - we are looking to launch a new online marketing venture focusing on SEO and PPC as well as social media etc. - we are aiming to kick this off by early May.

PS - Today is 3 years old !

Posted by Ronnie Apteker