Friday 27 February 2009

Where does inspiration come from?

What inspires us? Or, simply put, what makes us happy, or for that matter, unhappy?

It is things? As in, material things, or is it all about people?

I am often intrigued when you see an interview in a newspaper and they ask a question like "What would make you happy?", and you see an answer like "If I won the lottery." Yes, I know I am treading into tricky territory here but I have simple point to make, so please don't shoot the messenger just yet.

Many cynics are quick to shout out that it is easy to say "money doesn't buy happiness" if you are rich. And so the argument also applies to a happily married person, where the cynics would say again, and I think, rightfully so, that "money can't buy love". I don't really have a clear answer here but I do know this, that when it comes to inspiration it comes from people. And that is my view on happiness too. People inspire us, or uninspire us. People make us happy or unhappy. So, I guess there is some argument then that it has nothing to do then with material things, or cold cash.

Have you ever banged your car? A real pain! When you accidently reserve into a pole and smash up your boot it can be a real downer. But, it is soon fixed up and forgotten. But if someone lets you down it is not something you forget quickly. In the same way, if you get a new car, there is that initial buzz, and you are excited, but soon the novelty wears off. But, have you ever spent time with an energized, positive, confident, inspired person. You always look forward to spending more time with them. They inspire you! And conversely, when someone is arrogant and obnoxious you generally can't wait to part ways.

There are a bunch of other considerations, like when you read a gripping book, or when you watch a magical film, you often feel inspired afterwards. But again it all boils down to people, fictional or non-fictional. Character inspires us! And characters give us a lift! But, don't confuse character with personality - remember, personality opens doors but character keeps those doors open.

Inspiration comes from people, not from anything else.

So, if you find a good person then stick with them, because a good person is like gold!

Posted by Ronnie Apteker


Anonymous said...

"personality opens doors but character keeps those doors open." - really like that line Ronnie!