Sunday 1 February 2009


Can you believe it - the first month of the year is already over - wow - this is going to be one fast paced year, again!

On the Vottle side our biggest milestone at present is on the Google front - we have been approved as a Google Premium customer - we will now have the ability to customize Google ads for search so that the results are more specific to a user's search results and more attractive to click on. We have just implemented this and will be watching the results in the coming months. We will also be looking at a few other features and rolling out some further recommendations from Google in the next few weeks to hopefully push the click rate up even higher. Google estimates that we should earn some steady revenues from our Adsense efforts. If this is the case then it would mean that besides our upgrades and graphic banner advert incomes, we will have a steady stream in from Google. We will find out soon enough. All of this means that you can expect some more cool Vottling coming your way! Search engine optimization south africa is now moving forward and making moves into the search space.

Also, we had a sad loss early this month when our faithful old development server finally gave up on its duties. While this put a big dent in our development schedule for the month, it turned into a big positive with us upgrading to a big new powerful server that will no doubt improve our development abilities in the year to come!

Posted by the Vottlers