Monday 3 September 2007

I would send you a shorter email, but I don’t have time

by Ronnie Apteker

We all over complicate our lives. I am starting to understand what constitutes a genius more and more. I think the smartest people know how to keep things simple. A genius is often described as someone who lives in their own world. Perhaps we can interpret this to mean that this is someone who just does not buy into all the distractions found in the mainstream mediocrity. And perhaps that is a whole other discussion, so let me keep things simple here. After all, this update today is about simplicity.

I actually heard someone say the other day “I would send you a shorter email but I just don’t have time.” And this got me thinking. It takes time to simplify things. It takes time to get to the point. It seems to be easier to waffle on and on.

I get many film scripts sent to me, but when I ask for a one paragraph description or a one page summary I get this silence on the other end of the phone. An interesting paradox indeed.

We were always taught in school about keeping it simple. There was that expression “KISS” which stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. We all tend to fill our lives with so many time wasting distractions. Perhaps this is what gives us comfort. God forbid we have to deal with the real issues.

So, without confusing anyone any further, or myself for that matter, let me keep today’s rambling short and simple. It is simplicity we are trying to achieve on Vottle, and it is simplicity I am trying to achieve in my own life. I hope I get one of these right. I think the Vottle one will be easier.